About Us

CEO Mr. Nabil Khoshet (middle) and co-workers at a potatos field
  • Egy Food Company is basically An Agriculture Stock Egyptian Company was born at 2014 as a family business.
  • We are mainly working in a new agriculture zone located in the extreme south west of Egyptian desert called “East of Owinate “depending on the ground clear water well which flows from the middle of African content to reach the south west of Egypt where our farm is located.
  • The very clean environment, soil and water enable us getting so pure and high quality products comply with the food safety and quality assurance restrictions.
  • Our highly qualified working team, agriculture modern equipment, tractors and other supporting machinery as well as the strong logistic facilities of our company enable us executing plantation, servicing and harvesting for so large areas exceed 1000 hectares per year all are pivot irrigated areas planted with wheat, potatoes, onion and peanuts and others.
  • Also we have many productive palm trees “ Brahey & Magdoole “ .
  • Now we are preparing in our farm a feeder factory to produce an animal and poultry feed pellets expected to be ready in the next coming year.